A Ketamine Treatment Might Be The Solution For Your Depression Or Suicidal Thoughts

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Ketamine is a drug that's been used in anesthesia for decades. It's also being used to treat depression in various forms such as an IV infusion, injection, lozenge, or nasal spray. You'll need to find a doctor who provides this treatment and then take the drug under supervision.

Even though the dosage you take is much lower than what is used for anesthesia, you'll still have mind-altering effects from the drug that could make it unsafe to take if you're unsupervised. Here's what you might expect with ketamine treatment.

You'll Need An Evaluation First

Some doctors won't use ketamine as a first choice in depression. A possible exception is if you are suicidal since the drug might stop suicidal thoughts after a single treatment. However, if you have general chronic depression, your doctor might want you to try other antidepressant drugs first, and use ketamine treatments if those fail.

Whether the drug is being used as a first choice or last resort, you'll need to have an evaluation done to ensure you're a good match for the experience.

Your Vital Signs Are Monitored

You'll probably relax in a recliner for your therapy so you're comfortable. Your dose might be split up so the doctor can see how you'll respond to the initial dose before giving you the second one. Your vital signs will be monitored to make sure your heart rate and blood pressure stay within the desirable range.

Ketamine has been used at much higher doses for many years and has proven to be safe, so you don't have to worry about dangerous physical side effects. Plus, you'll be monitored the entire time.

You May Have A Psychedelic Experience

Everyone has a unique experience with ketamine treatment. Your experiences from treatment to treatment may vary too. You could have a psychedelic experience that you find interesting and pleasant. You may feel like you've had a spiritual experience and be left peaceful and happy when the drug wears off.

It's also possible your experience won't be pleasurable if it triggers you to have anxiety. In that case, the doctor may decrease your dosage with your next treatment.

Multiple Sessions Might Be Needed

You could feel less depressed after your first treatment, but the effects may not be permanent. However, while you're feeling happier, you might undergo therapy and get better results than you got before you had a ketamine treatment.

You can decide on the number of treatments to take together with your doctor. Your doctor might also suggest trying other forms of treatments for depression too, including antidepressants.

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