Are You Having Hearing Loss? What You Need To Know

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If you notice you are not able to hear as well as you once did, you might benefit from getting tested for hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, you can benefit from getting hearing aids to help you better hear. You might be nervous about getting hearing aids, as they have a reputation for primarily being used in older people or for looking unattractive. Fortunately, these are common misconceptions. The following are some things you need to know:

What Are Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

There are several symptoms of hearing loss. You might have trouble following conversations or need to ask people to repeat something they said. You might have difficulty watching a television show or movie because you cannot understand all the dialogue. When you do watch television, you may find yourself turning the volume up to better hear what is being said.

How Is Hearing Loss Confirmed?

To determine if you have hearing loss, you will need to have a test done by an audiologist. During your test, the audiologist will talk to you about how long you have been having hearing loss symptoms and check your ears for excess wax buildup. You will undergo a hearing test by listening to different sounds from headphones. The audiologist also will look at your muscles and eardrums. The test is not at all painful. After the test, the audiologist will talk to you about your hearing loss and discuss your hearing aid options with you.

Which Hearing Aids Are Best for You?

There are many different types of hearing aids available. Hearing aids are made in different sizes and shapes. Some are compatible with Bluetooth technology as well. Hearing aids are made to wear in different parts of the ear. Some are worn behind the ear or inside the ear canal.

Your type of hearing aid will depend on several factors. Your level of hearing loss is one important consideration. Your lifestyle and cosmetic preferences are also considered. Your ability to take the hearing aids in and out of your ear are also important factors to think about. If you enjoy technology, you may want to opt for Bluetooth compatibility. Your insurance coverage and co-pay needs are other things to consider.

If you think you are having hearing loss, it is important to address it as soon as possible with hearing aid testing. You can significantly improve your lifestyle when you can better hear with the help of hearing aids.