A Few Options For Walk-In Tubs

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Once you have decided on having a walk-in tub you should know that there are options available to you that you might want to consider. Make a list of things that would be of help to you and the family and of things you would like to have in your tub. Talk with the salesperson about these features and see what is readily available and what would need to be special ordered. You might be surprised at exactly what you can have done to the tub.

Handicapped Accessories

If someone in the family needs help in the tub, you can have it fit with pull bars, a seat, and a textured bottom. This will allow the person to get in and out of the tub easily and with comfort. They will also reduce the chance of anyone slipping, falling, and being injured. The company will have all the requirements for safety devices to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


There is no reason the tub should not have a showerhead installed for anyone who prefers a shower over a bath. You can have it installed so that it can be pulled from the wall and used by someone sitting on the seat or it can be mounted permanently. You can also pick the type of head, and have one with multiple stream options. If you like, have multiple jets installed in the walls so the water can come at you from all angles.

Tub Jets

A walk-in tub can easily be turned into a hot tub with many jets installed below the waterline. You can enjoy the soothing benefits and have aches relieved as the jets pulse and force the hot water against your body. Since the tub will be emptied with every bath, there is no need to use any chemicals the way you would with a true hot tub. Of course, you can always add oils and such to perfume the water and soften your skin.

Outward Swinging Door

Most walk-in tubs will come with a door that swings inward. This is helpful if there is not a lot of space in the bathroom. However, if someone in the family uses a wheelchair or is on the larger side, a door that swings outward may make entry and exit of the tub easier.

A walk-in tub is definitely safer and will be easier for anyone with mobility issues. That does not mean you need to have a simple, generic model installed. Consider all the features and options available and then treat yourself to those you will find most useful and enjoy the most. Contact a company like Twin City Stair Lifts to learn more.