Viewing Your Fetus With 3D And 4D Ultrasound Technology

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Ultrasound technology is a wonderful advancement in the field of medicine. It is energy in the form of sound waves, which is generally performed in 2D. Ultrasound technology can be used to examine the growing fetus inside your womb when that becomes necessary. The technology is capable of finding out if your fetus is developing normally. A surging number of commercial companies that are identified as "sneak-a-peek' private ultrasound companies have sprung up all over America. They fill a niche that is providing service to pregnant mothers who want to see what their fetus looks like in 3D and 4D. Viewing your fetus that uses 3D and 4D ultrasound technology while you're pregnant can bring you joy.

Using a 3D Ultrasound 

A 3D ultrasound procedure lets you view your fetus during pregnancy with the use of a screening device that shows still pictures. High-frequency ultrasound waves transmit and present photos of captured fetus impulses, which are then emitted from varying angles. The procedure results in very clear 3D images of your unborn baby. A 3D ultrasound procedure uses a screening device that allows you to view your fetus at any time during your pregnancy.

High-frequency sound waves are emitted at different angles that result in high resolution and clear 3D images of your unborn child. Pregnant women say they feel like they're bonding each time they view their fetuses. They are ecstatic about the pictures. Some of the mothers-to-be even hold viewing ultrasound sessions to allow friends and family members to view the fetus.

Viewing 4D Fetus Activity

What you get to see in 4D are multiple images showing movement. If you're lucky, you could see your own fetus yawning or playfully splaying out its fingers. You can also see your fetus sucking a thumb while engaged in a closing and opening of eyes activity. Fetuses often look like they are floating around or swimming around. 

The 4D images are helping physicians to detect and obtain closeup views when there are suspected fetal abnormalities. Images of a spinal cord defect or other defects that are not as clear in 2D ultrasound become distinctly clearer in 4D ultrasound images. In fact, sneak-a-peek companies now voluntarily contact physicians with their findings when they become aware of defects that are so clear in 4D ultrasound viewing photos. Ultrasound sneak peek viewing of your fetus offers a fresh mother and child connection that you can enjoy.