3 Braces Options

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If you are interested in having your misaligned teeth corrected, there are many different orthodontic applications that may be suitable for you. However, you may only be interested in alignment options that are difficult to notice in your mouth. Many adults do not like the the thought of having a mouth filled with metal, especially if observers will quickly notice. Here are a few dental alignment applications that are difficult to discern in the mouth:

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are made of metal but are applied to the side of the teeth that is adjacent to the tongue. Since the brackets are not displayed on the outer side of the teeth, they are not noticeable in the mouth. Lingual braces straighten the teeth as effectively as traditional metal braces. However, the apparatus is not conspicuously displayed.

This type of alignment option offers additional benefits for people who use their lips to play musical instruments and for those who participate in contact sports. Since the braces are not directly underneath the lips, the lips can move in an unencumbered fashion. Additionally, they don't get snagged on metal brackets.

If you do elect lingual braces, expect to pay about $8,000 to $10,000 for your dental alignment.


Invisalign is a relatively new orthodontic application. It uses plastic aligning trays to realign the teeth. A set of trays is used for a couple of weeks before being replaced with the next aligner in the treatment progression.

Invisalign is especially liked by people who prefer freedom when eating or brushing their teeth. The aligners can be removed before meals. In addition, the wearer can remove the aligners to brush and floss.

Since the Invisalign trays are fabricated from clear plastic, they are not easily noticed when worn.

People who choose Invisalign usually pay $4,000 to $7,400 for the straightening of their teeth.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are another discrete alignment option. The braces are fashioned like traditional metal braces. However, the brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic. As a result, the brackets of the braces are not well defined against the teeth. Clear elastic bands can be used for further discretion.

Clear braces usually cost between $4,000 and $8,000.

If you are interested in having your teeth straightened, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in your area. He or she will be able to advise you of the best alignment options for your particular needs.