Making A Home Acessible For Aging Relatives

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Taking care of aging parents and other relatives is something that many of the Baby Boomer generation find themselves doing recently across America. In fact, around 8 percent have reported that their parents have moved in with them. What many are struggling with is how to make their homes more accessible for elderly relations who either move in or make extended visits. Luckily there are a few ways to make this happen. 

Stair Glide

Getting up the stairs can be increasingly difficult with age. The best solution to this problem is often a stair glide, which is often referred to as a stair lift. There are many options available for stair glides ranging in price from around $3,000 to more than $15,000. The cost of a stair glide is dependent on whether or not the staircase is curved or straight as well as how much weight the glide will need to support. Stair glides are available for both indoor and outdoor staircases. There are also models that work for people who use wheelchairs. Rental stair glides are also available and are a great choice for anyone who has an aging relative staying for a short amount of time.

Increase Lighting And Add Handrails

Not all homeowners have enough in their budgets for stair lifts. However, there are other ways to make their homes more comfortable for the elderly. Worsening vision is something that many elderly people have to contend with. This is one reason why it is so important for homeowners to make sure that their homes are well lit. A well lit home is much easier for someone of advanced years to navigate. This is especially true for stairways. Adding lighting along the stairs and ensuring that there are handrails can make navigating the stairs much easier for elderly family members. 

Making Changes To The Bathroom

The bathroom is an area of the home that the elderly often have difficulty using. This is also a space where homeowners can make changes fairly easily. Some changes, such as adding a walk in shower, can be expensive. Other changes, like installing lever faucets, getting a sprayer attachment for the shower head, adding non slip mats, and installing grab bars, are less expensive but can go a long way toward making the space easier to navigate.

Making a home more accessible for elderly relations is something that many Americans are concerned with. Options such as stair glides, extra lighting and handrails, and a few additional features in the bathroom can make a home much easier for elderly family members to navigate.