Should You Use A Midwife?

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When you find out you are pregnant, there is a lot to consider. One of the first things you should decide on is if you want to get a midwife. They can be used along with your medical doctor, or you can have a midwife instead of a regular obstetrician. Here are some benefits of having a midwife during your pregnancy.

They Have a Lot of Hands-On Experience

A major benefit to using a midwife during your pregnancy is that they have a lot of hands-on experience. While obstetricians naturally have a lot of experience as well, midwives only job is to take care of pregnant women and nursing mothers. Therefore, they tend to spend more of their working days with pregnant women, while obstetricians have many other aspects to their job. It is a common misconception that midwives don't have adequate experience before they start helping pregnant women.

You Get More Flexibility With Your Birth Plan

Midwives want you to have the pregnancy and delivery you want, and will be more than happy to go along with your birth plan as long as it will keep you and your baby safe. Medical doctors take a more rigid and systematic approach with their visits and appointments, and are better if you want your birth done in a hospital. However, unless there is an emergency, your midwife will be able to help you have a home birth and let you decide the pacing of your birth plan.

You Get a More Personalized Experience

Midwives can also provide you with a more personalized experience during your pregnancy. They work closely with you as they have far fewer patients to take care of. They come into your home and often become like friends or family. They offer you individual support, guidance, and advice throughout your pregnancy. They will not be rushed to visit other patients, and many women feel more comforted when they choose a midwife.

There Are Some Drawbacks

Before you rush into the decision of getting a midwife, consider the potential drawbacks. First of all, midwives don't offer a lot of pain relief options. They usually cater to people who want a natural childbirth or home birth. They are not able to issue you an epidural or provide any strong pain relief during your birth. This should really be something you choose when you want a drug-free delivery. They also don't have a lot of medical training, so if there is an emergency, you still need to go to the hospital and be treated by a doctor.

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