Safety And Independence: 3 Assistive Tools For Elders

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If your parents are progressing in age, you probably wonder how long they'll be able to live independently while remaining healthy and safe. Below are three tools that will provide you with peace of mind, and provide them with further independence and quality of life.

Lift Chairs

You may have noticed your parents' stability getting worse as they age. Whether this is due to pain or just age-related loss of balance, it can be scary to think about your parents going from standing to sitting, or from the seated position to standing.

Lift chairs offer more independence to your aging parents. They enable elderly individuals to sit safely and can just as easily return them to standing with the touch of a button. Many lift chairs even allow users to recline, which is great for those suffering from health issues that require their feet to be elevated when sitting for long periods of time. This also provides them with an extra level of comfort.

Bathroom Grab Bars

While walk-in bathtubs have become all the rage, the price of removing the old tub and replacing it with a new one can be too much for many people to afford. If you're worried about your aging parents getting into and out of the shower, you may want to consider installing bathroom grab bars.

Grab bars can be installed in bathtubs and shower stalls, and also near the toilet. They give your loved ones the ability to stabilize themselves while going from standing to sitting (and visa versa), as well as getting into and out of a potentially slippery shower. This tool will allow your parents to retain their privacy, as well as their safety.

Reacher Grabber

Reacher grabbers are a fantastic tool for individuals who have limited range of motion, as well as those with limited mobility. If your loved one requires the use of a wheelchair, or you'd prefer they not use step stools or chairs to reach needed items, a reacher grabber is the perfect tool.

Reacher grabbers come with rubberized grips which means your loved one can use the tool to grab a variety of items, even those that are potentially slippery. Their aerodynamic structure means they are light and easy to use, which is great for those with certain medical issues, such as arthritis.

Continued independence is important to your parents, and their safety is important to you. If you're worried about your aging parents and their ability to live alone, consider some or all of the assistive tools listed above. These tools can allow your parents to continue living their independent lifestyle, while also ensuring they stay strong and healthy enough to do so. Visit Corner Medical today to start looking for a lift chair.