How To Make Illness Easier For Your Child

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Childhood illnesses are a part of life for any child, but it can be extremely difficult to watch your child suffer. There are many things you can do to help your child get through his or her illnesses with as little pain and suffering as possible. Here are some tips to make things easier for your sick child.

Help Your Child Stay Entertained: Being home sick for days at a time can be difficult on your child, who is used to being stimulated and active all day long. Think of ways to keep your child entertained and engaged. Turn off the TV or other electronics, and instead read to your child or have them listed to an audiobook or music CD. Tell them stories, massage their feet, or draw pictures together. In addition to staying entertained, be sure your child takes the time to actually sleep during the day. An entire day of lying around, watching movies, and relaxing, can leave your child feeling tired and listless if he or she doesn't take time to power down and sleep.

Help Them Take Their Medicine: Taking medicine is important for your sick child, but some children refuse to take the medicine that they need. There is no need to force medicine down a child's throat when he or she hates the taste or texture, especially when they will be taking the medication on a long-term basis. Consider getting your child's medications from an apothecary. Apothecaries (also called compounding pharmacies) have the tools and ingredients they need to custom-mix the medications that your child needs. This means that an apothecary can customize your child's medication in the form, flavor, and dose. This is also ideal for children with allergies to some ingredients found in traditional medications. To learn more about apothecaries, have a peek at this site.

Feed Them The Right Foods: No matter what the illness your child is dealing with, eating the right foods can ease your child's symptoms and boost his or her immune system. Be sure to encourage your child to eat, even when they don't have an appetite. Feed them healthy foods that are nutrient-rich. For digestive systems, be sure to feed your child foods that their stomach can handle (mild foods like crackers and applesauce are perfect for an upset stomach). Feed your child comforting foods that they will enjoy, but avoid the trap of feeding them junk food just because you want to make them happy.

When you follow this advice to care for your sick child, they may get well sooner, and they will definitely be more comfortable while they are sick.