How Massage Therapy Can Speed Up Your Recovery From A Sports Injury

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If you've been faced with a sports injury, the entire experience can be painful and difficult. Your recovery time all depends on the extent of your injury and how well the healing process goes. Finding ways to speed up your recovery time is essential to getting back into your normal routine. Here are some ways that utilizing massage therapy can help restore your health faster.

Alleviate Stiffness

When you have an injury, the last thing you want to do is move that particular muscle group around too much. Unfortunately, the longer you completely keep the injured area immobile, the greater the risk for stiffness and soreness to occur. Stiff joints and muscles can easily lead to more pain and discomfort. Loosening up muscles through massage therapy can help increase blood flow to the area and reduce the risk of re-injury as you begin to use the muscle group more and more.

Restore Mobility

Visiting your chiropractor or massage therapist can help enhance your overall mobility. Even if your injury is isolated to one location on your body, other areas can be affected because you are placing greater pressure on joints and muscles elsewhere. A massage therapist may focus on two types of massage therapies:

A deep tissue massage focuses on flushing metabolic waste and lactic acid from your core muscles. This helps to increase blood flow to the area and can aid with the healing process.

Another natural approach to recovery is a Swedish massage. Manipulating and massaging the surrounding muscle tissue around your injury can help relax the area and help make moving your joints easier.

As you work through your injury, mobility is an important step in the overall recovery process.

Decrease Overall Pain

When you have an injury, pain is almost always an issue. While massage therapy can help make muscles more soft and supple, it can also warm up your muscle groups and reduce the overall risk for muscle spasms. As your massage therapist works on the affected area, your mind will also relax. This can help enhance mental clarity and reduce your stress levels—making it easier for you to work through the recovery process.

Increase Muscle Strength

When your muscles are completely relaxed or not in use due to mobility issues from your injury, they can lose strength. Weak muscles can put you at an increased risk for re-injury. Part of the massage process includes stretching. Stretching tight muscles helps to break down underlying adhesions and flushes out added swelling in the joints. This can improve the healing process over time.  

Using a natural approach to your overall recovery allows you live as pain-free as possible. For more information, contact Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage or a similar organization.