Everything You Need To Know About Medicare Supplement Plans

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If you already have a Medicare plan, you probably know by now that it isn't a catch-all insurance plan that covers anything. There are still plenty of out-of-pocket expenses you are responsible for. Did you know, however, that there is a way for much of those expenses to be covered through a supplement plan? 

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

A Medicare supplement plan is a plan you can purchase from private health insurance companies like http://scis.us that will pay for various health care costs that are not covered by Medicare parts A & B. This includes items like co-payments, coinsurance, deductibles, and medical care when traveling outside the United States.

Why Should You Get a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

Medicare supplement plans will cover costs that you would have otherwise had to pay out of pocket - mainly deductibles, but also including the following services:

Having a Medicare supplement insurance plan will help you minimize your medical treatment costs throughout the year. It is a good way to round out your health care coverage.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Medicare supplement plans are standardized. This means that the benefits are exactly the same from one plan to plan from each health insurance company. A Plan C will be the same in one insurance company as the Plan C in another insurance company. The only difference is really the insurance company, pricing, and customer service experiences between each company.

Seriously consider getting a supplement plan in addition to your current Medicare coverage. Your wallet will thank you later, as out of pocket expenses can add up without any supplemental coverage.