Signs That Your Cat May Need To See A Veterinarian

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Sometimes it is difficult to determine if your cat is feeling good or if there is a problem. You may see your cat do something that you never saw it do before, and wonder if that is normal behavior for a feline or if it signifies some type of problem. Here are some signs that a veterinarian should be seen.

Changes In Appetite

The amount of food your cat eats day-to-day should be fairly consistent. You will place the bowl down and the cat will eat the food. Sometimes your cat might not seem hungry, but eventually that food will be eaten sometime during the day. If all of a sudden your cat changes eating habits dramatically, you will need to take your cat to the doctor. This is a sign that something is not quite right, and would it would be best to be seen. This is true for both over eating and loss of appetite.

Changes In Bathroom Habits

If your cat suddenly decides to ditch its litter box, you may become upset. There are three reasons why the cat may do this. The first is that the litter box needs cleaning. The second would be a behavioral problem that is arising that must be addressed. Cats do this when there is an addition to the family, a change in household habits, a new pet, and various other disruptions to their life. These reasons can be taken care of at home.

The third reason would mean a trip to the veterinarian. Cats will stop using their litter box if there is a problem with their urinary tract or if they become constipated. The cat may have a urinary blockage, which would need to be taken care of in the office. Take your cat to the vet if there are any elimination methods to make sure it is not a disease or urinary problem. 

Smelly Breath

If your cat has breath that is extra stinky (not a cat food smell) you should bring it to your vet. Stinky breath that smells of ammonia can mean there is a kidney problem. Other scents that reek can mean your cat has a tooth decay problem, which can be taken care of by the cat's doctor.

Changes In Weight

Any change in your cat's weight means there may be a problem. Overeating causes obesity which can lead to an array of health risks. Your veterinarian can prescribe a special diet for your cat if there is a weight gain problem. If your cat has lost weight, it can mean thyroid disease or possibly cancer. As soon as you notice a decrease in your cat's weight, call the doctor such as West Lake Animal Hospital.